Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY 3D Costume

"My DIY version of Katy Perry's 

California Girls candy dress"

I LOVE to dress up! If there's an opportunity for me to dress up in theme, I will. A while back, BadWill Market threw an artist/album cover costume party. I was thrilled because I was itching to make something again. I wasn't sure which artist to be, so I thought to myself  "What don't I have and what can I use?". I have wigs and different accessories but still couldn't figure it out. I turned to the internet and of course I remembered Katy Perry. She's fun and super kawaii, that would be perfect for me. I thought her California Girls candy dress would be fun to make. 

I didn't want to spend much on a costume that I would probably only wear once. So I started at the thrift store and I found my base, a slip.   

I went to Michaels (craft store) and Daiso (Japanese dollar store) to get all my supplies.

First, I made the headband. 

Then I made the ice cream cone.

Next, the giant cupcake. 

Now the details on the dress. I started with the candy cane.

After, I sewed on colorful fabric to make the skirt, I added gems, candy and an apple patch to the back.

The details on the front.

On the other side. I made jumbo candies.

Here's the final look. I already had the wig, leggings and heels so the costume only cost me $20. 

Thanks for checking out my blog post. I hope I inspired you to try something new. This was fun to make even though I got a little stressed out by making it the night before, but it all worked out. I wonder what I'll make next... Please subscribe to my blog so you can see what I'll do. 

Can you guess who we all are? 😊

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