Friday, January 6, 2017

His 9th Birthday

"Of course, Minecraft..."

To start, I need to get this off my chest. I haven't blogged in a while because I was so upset with myself. I was so proud of how this party turned out I couldn't wait to share it, except that I accidentally deleted most of the pictures. :( We were getting ready for our first family vacation to Hawaii and I wanted to clear space on our SD cards. I was deleting so fast, that I deleted all the Minecraft pictures except for the last two. Luckily I saved a few pictures of the decorations on our computer which I had taken after the party. Thank goodness my friend Frances snapped a couple pictures of the cake and table decor! I really wanted to have these pictures for our son so he can look back and remember.

So on to the party...
 Florenzo was so excited to finally have a Minecraft theme, he even helped me plan it. Well, mainly because I don't know the terminology of the game. 

For example, some of the blocks may look the same, but they're actually different. 
(I got these images from google and printed 3-5 of each.)   

After we cut them out, we taped them to the wall and Florenzo gave us directions on where to properly place them. 

We had left over TNT prints that we put on a recycled box to make a fun hanging decoration. 

On the other side of my living room I had a Minecraft themed banner with his name that I got off of 
We also displayed some of his figurines and costume heads. 

 Since the party theme is a video game, we thought it would be cool to hire a gaming truck!

The truck had 4 flat screen TVs and all of the game consoles. It was able to have up to 15 players. 

Continuing with the gaming theme, we wanted to have another outside option. Florenzo likes chess so we made him a jumbo size set. I collected 2-liter soda bottles and my husband cut out the shapes and spray painted them. For the board I found some burlap material at Jo-Ann's in the sale aisle and had them cut it out into a square shape.  My husband measured and penciled out the squares then we painted the opposite squares with left over house paint.

We played a Bingo game that I got from 

On the treat table we had a Minecraft themed cake made by The Sweet Pod. 
I made chocolate covered marshmallow mushrooms, chocolate covered pretzel torches and cake pop creepers. For the chest items we used strawberries for redstones, green grapes for slime balls, mini twixx candies for gold, blue jellybeans for diamonds, pretzel sticks for sticks and Cheetos puffs for carrots. A fun mixture of healthy snacks and treats. We bought the stone table cloth and diamond wrapping paper (for the box stands) off of

Picture example of the mushrooms I made 

Picture example of the torches I made

Picture example of the creepers I made

He had a blast!

Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate his special day!
And thank you for checking out my blog post! I hope I inspired you with some ideas you can use for your next party. Don't forget to leave a message that you stopped by, I'd love to hear from you. 

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