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Friday, February 19, 2016

Colored Hair DIY Touch Up

"It's that time again..."

I love my hair! I think it's the best accessory not just for me but for everyone. I can always color it back to a natural color or get it cut but for now I'm going to enjoy the vibrant colors.

Many people wonder how I keep up my hair. It gets pricey, so I normally do it myself, but from time to time I like getting pampered and get it done professionally. With my hair being short, it's still pretty thick and naturally wavy/frizzy. I typically have to use more dye and use lots of conditioner. I try to do my hair every other month, I brighten up the faded color with colored dye or overall bleach then color. I save more than 75% on costs compared to salon prices.  I've had lots of practice because I've been dying my hair since I was 12... LOL. I never went to school for it, I've just learned with experimenting and researching online.    

In this 3 minute video, I'll be showing you the process I did when I recently touched up the faded color to a vivid color. 

This is my in between time before my roots grow in. I had to use 2 tubes of the Ion Semi Permanent Aqua color which I got for $5 each. (found at Sally's or on Amazon) It's a thick cream that does not damage my hair and it doesn't stain too bad. 
You can clean up any spills or drops with a good household cleaner. After washing it out, I like to use a white towel because I'm able to bleach it in the washing machine, then it comes out looking clean without any stains. The color will fade slowly as long as I wash my hair twice a week with a sulfate-free shampoo. 


Thanks for watching my first hair tutorial!

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