Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last Minute Pokemon Birthday Party

"Mom, I want to change my birthday theme to Pokemon..."

With only two weeks before my sons 8th birthday party he changed his theme from Minecraft to Pokemon. Don't get me wrong he still loves Minecraft, he's just bananas for Pokemon at the moment with the shows and the collector cards. I can't believe how Pokemon has been a classic favorite for so many years! My husband even collected cards.

I was a bit stressed about having to return things we already bought for the old theme and the things I couldn't. I was running around like a maniac almost every day trying to find Pokemon party decor and favors but not much luck. I had to buy most items online and with the help of Pintrest, was able to get ideas for DIY's. I was worried my items wouldn't make it in time but luckily they did. Whew!!

The first decor I did was the Pokeball pompom with streamers. Didn't take very long and it was cheap. A great way to fill space for a fun party look. 
Total cost $5

Next on the list was the Pokeball paper lanterns. I picked up the lanterns at an Asian dollar store called Daiso. Got craft spray paint at Michael's and already had the other supplies in my junk drawer.
(note: put a tape border around first and try to spray lightly and far away)
Total cost $7

Thought this was cute and I had to make it. I bought two packs of the 36 in x 36 in felt and two single black sheets.  
  Total cost $9

I laid the felt Pokeball over a plastic table cloth. Also pictured is a sign and coloring sheets I printed from Google and a 31" Pikachu shape balloon for $2.98 that I bought from http://www.bargainballoons.com 

At the Dollar Store I picked up foam, paper, a candle holder and a glass plate to make the cake pops stand and cake stand.   

Total cost $6

I had two different sets of goody bags. why? I don't know. Haha. I saw the mesh bags at Daiso and thought it was fun and different with the star holes. 

Party #1 (classmates) 
The yellow bag was for the boys and the teal bag for the girls. I printed the Pokeball "Thanks for Coming" tag I found on Google. Our party store didn't have much Pokemon favors so just got Pokemon bracelets and candy. I purposely didn't give much candy because there were lots of treats plus cake.. I got the metallic pencils from the Dollar Store and found a really neat recycled Pokemon card mini note book on Etsy. I splurged a little bit on those, bought 12 for $2.50 each plus shipping. Yikes! 

Party #2 (family and friends)
 We love Pikachu! He is so cute! So I had to have my husband draw his face on all the yellow bags. The kids got either a Pokemon ball or bracelet with everything else.  

Front door sign

Pikachu bank from Target

My birthday boy

Charmeleon chips

Pokeball fruit platter with yogurt 

Florenzo's chocolate birthday cake with cream cheese filling made by https://www.facebook.com/thesweetpod?fref=ts

Bellsprout m&m's, Squirtle jelly beans, Slowpoke tails

Pokemon bingo

Find the Pokeball (egg hunt)

Florenzo had a blast! 

Thank you for checking out my first blog post! I'm not a writer but I wanted to share this experience. I hope I inspired you with some ideas you can use for your next party. Feel free to message me, I'd love to hear from you. 


Jo Hamer said...

The decor is phenominal! I can't wait to see what you blog next!

Anonymous said...

How did you make the pokeball???

Edelyn Thaves said...

Which one? The lantern or the felt?

Edelyn Thaves said...

I folded the 36in x 36in felt in half and traced a half circle on both the red and white. Cut them out and hot glued the two pieces together. With the black felt sheet, I cut it into thirds and the other cut out a circle. With the extra white felt , I cut a smaller circle. Hot glued the strips across and glued the circles in the middle :) Hope this helps.

Edelyn Thaves said...

I put electric tape across the paper lantern. With the craft spray paint I sprayed just the top half. I let it dry and removed the tape. I put a new piece of electric tape on and used white card stock for the button and drew around with a black sharpie. Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

how do you put in an order for the cakepops and what is their price range?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog it really helps for my Pokémon themed party!